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Carlos Vazquez Ochoa

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Minister Carlos Vazquez is an Economist from Mexico’s Institute of Technology (ITAM) and studied his graduate in Public Policy at Georgetown University. He has spent much of his professional life serving in Mexico’s public sector, primarily within the Ministry of Finance (SHCP) and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Mr. Vazquez was reappointed by Dr. Villalobos, Secretary of Agriculture of Mexico to head SADER’s representative office in the Embassy of Mexico in Washington, DC, where he had been responsible for the overall agricultural and trade relation between Mexico and the United States of America and Canada.

Prior to his designation as Minister of Agricultural Affairs to the US, Mr. Vazquez was the Director General for Evaluation of Direct Income Support Programs in ASERCA, among his responsibilities where the design and implementation of the regulations and rules of operation for the award and distribution of support payments to the countryside.

Mr. Vazquez was Corporate Director of the Service for Administration and Liquidation of (SAE) an agency part of the Ministry of Treasury SHCP, where he was in charge of distress assets resolution. He was also Deputy Director General for International Financial Institutions at SHCP, where he was responsible for Mexico’s relation with the World Bank, IADB, IMF, among other multilateral institutions.

From 1992-1995 he was served as Agricultural Attaché in the Embassy of Mexico in the US, during the NAFTA negotiations and the implementation period. Before that he served as Director or International Financing at the Ministry of Agriculture of Mexico.

Mr. Vazquez was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, is married and has two daughters.